Sam Weston, Artist, Oxford





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Steve Weston originally studied Graphic Design at Oxford and from the time Steve left college and embarked on his career as an illustrator and artist he was very productive. In his early years he had his own exhibition of bird paintings, worked on news-papers, medical illustration and his own fantasy oil paintings.


He did custom paint-jobs on a variety of vehicles including aeroplanes. He was proficient in a range of mediums including Air brushing, oil painting and computer illustrations. He formed a long lasting relationship with Linden Artists, who gave him a wide variety of work up to the present day. He worked on the TV programme "Future is wild" produced by 422 Bristol where he worked as a texture artist. Steve Weston is best known for his work on many of Anne McCaffrey's books giving Steve the alias of "The Dragon Master". This association with the author started in 1982 with the cover for Dragondrums (Corgi paperback). He then went on to produce some fifteen paintings for Anne McCaffrey's books, including the Pegasus and Chrystal Singer series.