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Hi All, my name is Samuel Weston.
I've been interested in art from early child hood, mainly thanks to my Dad who was an illustrator. I studied Art and Design at Abingdon College and Graphic Design at Swindon College, but I've always preferred creating images, rather than the design side. I've also studied photography and still enjoy taking a lot of photographs. With most of the applications I use, I'm self taught and as some of you may know with the bigger programmes like 3dmax you never stop learning. When working along side my dad as an illustrator, I've had a lot of work from Linden Artists and produced illustrations for Kingfisher, Dorling & Kindersley and many other publishers as well as doing texture work on the TV documentary (The Future is wild) for 442 Bristol. I've also done the odd animation for websites and other freelance projects. I enjoy a good social life and love the outdoors. I try to go skiing or snowboarding every year and will try anything once. Below are my contact details, so if you have any questions or need an illustration, 3d model or Animation produced please contact me.

Email :- sws.artist.studio@gmail.com